Let Me be Just A Man


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I saw a man walking on the road

Heading up toward the sun

Trying to catch up with his shadow

While the clock keep pushing him

To run faster as the shadow become shorter, smaller


He was observing the trees

Barricades alongside the road

And trying to figure where the clouds go

When they blew away by the wind

Then he crossing over a river

Questioning where the water ends up


The sun hiding behind the mountain

He finally lost the shadow

Breathing in heavily

He lay down upon the green field

Looking up to the sky

Seeing the stars shine beautifully

Almost try to count the stars

He stop and saying, “After all, I merely just a man. Let me enjoy what You had created for me.”


I’ve been in this world for 23 years, 9 months, and 2 weeks. I’ve observing how a baby born, what makes people feel good or bad, where is the most favorite place for me to hang out, when is time to say hello and good bye, also why people always in a rush to making a plan for their life. Though, I still found and learned many new things each day in my life. Time and time again God still surprising me with the way He works and bring my life to fit into His plans. The situation which is out of control, but God solved it with unpredictable way. The plans, which I confident enough to be succeed, suddenly situation just goes wrong. Still at the end, He works behind the scenes to bring good for my life.

Sometimes, I’m spending my time to think about my future plan. Taking every minute of my resting time, imagining of how my life could be, if I just could do this or that. Somehow, it makes me do an extreme life turning decision. Which according to my plan will be a great plan, but in the end it’s just happen and feels just like that. Horrible situations wait for me and appear without any warning, shaking my faith, but when it passes by, I’m still standing without losing myself and my courage. In the end, I just conclude that it will be best for me if I just follow what God has plan for me. To try as best as I could, to follow the path He has provided for me. Then embrace the life of abundant blessings which prepared for my victorious life.

Therefore, like Job I’m going to say,” I know that You can do everything, and that no thought can be withheld from You.” Only through this confession I believe I could find peace and have a rest in what He said He’s going to do for me. For life will always be uncertain temporarily, but I have God’s Words as legal assurance that everything will be perfect in the end. I’ll put my hope and confidence in who God is and what He is able to accomplish. Then, while I’m standing against the world, I’m not gonna trying to catch the shadow, but I’ll embrace His light who will lighten up my way.  I’ll be bold enough to face anything the world throws me and say, “If my God is for me, who could stands against me?” Meanwhile, let me be just be a man, do what I could do and let God do what He wants to do.



“The LORD our God has secrets known to no one. We are not accountable for them, but we and our children are accountable forever for all that he has revealed to us, so that we may obey all the terms of these instructions.” Deuteronomy 29:29 (NLT ©2007)


Imagination Room


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Dear readers,

Some days ago, I was looking at the children at my school playing at imagination room. It is a playing area for the children, fences with glass wall. The floor is covered with many colorful mats. There are miniature size of home appliances, such as washing machine, dry kitchen, even you can find a house’s replica. The children can do pretend, if they were a doctor, a pilot, an astronaut, and many other professions that they ever knew. In this area, even your wildest dream about being somebody, will be realized. But the fun will ended, along with your foot step as you leaving the room.

Some of the children might grow up and leaving their imagination behind, some might keep it as a beautiful memories, but there’s also some who make their imagination become reality and change their whole life.

Amazingly, this is how I found the human brain works. Our brain can deposit many thing that happen around us; through what we hear, what we see, what we feel, and function as a storage area, even when we don’t realize about it.

This is how the brain stimulating our mind, thus we can imagine something using all the memories we have in the storage. What we store in our brain, will determine how we response to the environment and situation around. This is also the place where we begin to develop our system of belief, what we think good or bad.

I believe that God give us brain that so powerful, thus we can manage all the resources that He has for us in this world.

The thing is, will us keep staying in our imagination room and expecting something happen suddenly or will us working through the idea and make it happen?

Start planting the seeds of what you want yourself to become rather than repeating again and again the thing you would like to avoid in life. Because, believe it or not, our brain will store everything, either good or bad, and turn it into what you believe.

Life will be more than imagination whenever you decide to start live it.

Warmest regards,



Day 4 – Thou Rest O My Soul

A breeze of wind blowing on my face

It flows reaching to my heart

Waking up my soul

Calling for my mind to meditate on it

Where urgency come to alert

Demanding attention, testing my patience


Thou rest o my soul

For thy salvation is coming closer

In the stillness of mind

Resting in great hands of the Living One

Making melody in the midst of silent


How my soul longing after You

To follow where You will go

There I could find a resting place

For me to close my eyes

Giving space for the dawn

Welcoming the next dusk coming to my bed

Preparing grace for another day

Day 3 – Late But Never Too Late

Dear readers,

12.01 AM

I missed day 3. But I’ll still post something to begin this new day. I think I’d like to make a simple poem to close yesterday and welcoming today.

As I look up to the sky

I can’t hardly find a star

But I know they are there

Hiding behind the cloud


The same star appear thousand years ago

Being counted by Abraham

As the witness of God’s permanent promise

To make a nation through one man

And change the history using the old man


As I began to sleep

I close my eyes and smile

Because I know the promise is there

Unchanging and so true

Waiting for faith to grab it

Never too late to be accomplished


Good Nite…

Day 2 – Everyday’s Blessings

Dear readers,

Times went so fast. As I closed my eyes and begin to sleep, the morning just ever ready to wake me up. Even so, I still could say that God has been faithful in my life. The bright morning sun, the job that I have, friends around me, and a good mentor-leader which God gave to me.

To wake up every morning and have hope for a better day, it’s a grace. To work in the place, where build upon vision is a gift. Having friends to share; support one another, partnering is a present. And having a mentor whom laying himself upon the truth of God’s Words is a treasure.

May God bless us with this beautiful presents everyday. So, our everyday is an opportunity to be grateful.

Good evening.Image


Dear readers,

Welcome March. One month full of love in February just passed by. Several days ago, as I’m doing some research on the internet, I found a quite interesting challenge. The challenge is to post at least one article contains at least 100 words everyday. The purpose is to develop a habit required by every writer, which is writing consistency (yupp…discipline).

How far I’d go? I hope all of you can be the witness. The reward is pretty cool. I could attach this badge whenever I accomplish 100 words.Image

Sadly, I have to take off the badge if I fail to do so. You can join me if you’d like.

So, count this one as my first post.

Day 1


Love is Not an Emotion, It is a Commitment of a Lifetime


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Dear readers,

Some people refer February as the month of love. Whenever they look at the second month on the calendar, then love balloon start blowing inside their mind. Men and women begin to look for cards, chocolates, or flowers for the one they love. A romantic candle light dinner will be fine during this month. (I almost could see some ladies nod their head as they begin to read this statement.) Though, this and that things of expressing love is not exclusive for those who are couple. We can express love and care to parents, families, relatives, and so on.

Others might disagree and comment that they don’t kinda feel to love or beloved by someone. However, I have to say that if you want to be loved, you have to love first. As the golden rule says, “Do unto others as you want others do unto you.” As we know that love is not about what we feel, what we think, nor what we say, it’s about action.

Anyway, I want to share that I just become a witness of a great action of love this month. Tumturumtumtumtum…. Yeay, it’s a Wedding Ceremony. Congratulation for the happy and blessed couple, Mr. And Mrs. Tumbel.Image


Why did I say that this was a great action of love? Because in my sight, to be married is to be unified as one. Two persons became one. This is the only situation where scientific law is not applied. One plus one equal to one. As Moses wrote, “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” This is happen as soon as they making a vow to keep together, whether in tears or joy, in pain or health, ‘til death do them apart. The vow that was made before the Lord. What a gracious moment. They also wear a gold ring as a symbol of lifetime commitment. It is normal because they are already one creation, can’t be separated.

Then, the genuine test of love will begin after the ceremony. It’s not about how success the party, how delicious the food being served, neither the professional wedding organizer. The test is to proof the commitment that was made. How far the couple can go and act upon their vow. Is it only a statement that made as an accessories in the wedding day or is it the real one? Only time can answer this question. And only determination and grace of God can establish the commitment.

So, if I have to live one more day in this world. I will choose to love; besides wealth, prosperity, and fame. Because love is a lifetime commitment, then I will live each day of my life with love. Love towards my family, friends, leaders, and everyone I meet. Especially, of course, love towards God.  Love which are passionate, ready to forgive, expecting the best in everyone, and prepare for the solution in the midst of problems.

Moreover, with the love of God pouring unto me. I will not only receiving the vow that limited ‘til death do us apart. In Christ I can boldly copy what Paul said, ”For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.Image

With love,


Angelia S.W.

Grace to End the Old and Begin the New



I made a decision and it’s been imprinted unto my soul. No time to worry, no fear will overwhelmed. What God says, it will be. No matter what the fact, the truth shall arise.


This is one day before the last day of January 2013. I finally post my first article for this year. Hurray….. What a struggle in the process of posting this article, why? Thanks to my new year resolution. One of my resolution is to treat anyone who remind me, in the beginning of the later month, that I haven’t posting any article yet at the previous month (Got what I mean?) I mean it, it’s available for the first person. (Thanks to my over excited friends who cares much about my resolution and my promise, that makes me work harder to find idea for this blog (**p))

After several weeks, jumping from one idea to another idea, then I decide the theme of the year. It’s about GRACE. Interested topic I think. the idea was inspired from one of the movie of this year, which is Les Misérables (have you watched it?).

Grace that Changes Me

Grace that Changes Me

Here’s a short overview about this movie.

The story begin in France at 19th centuries, where a man called Jean Valjean being imprisoned and finally release to the society. He’s being punished because stole bread for his relation whom about to die of sick. One thing is being released, but the other thing is he has to carry a letter that shows to society that he is a bad guy. Society reject Jean Valjean, he is being treated like an animal just because he was imprisoned. Until one day a priest show him love. The priest show him that he is accepted and valuable, that he is a human and had no difference with the other. He has the right and the total power to  choose to live righteous. This was the turning point of his life, when he ended up become a successful person. He cares for the poor, he run a factory. Yet, one man in his past life still hunts him. It is Javert, a ruthless policemen who marks him as a criminal for the rest of his life. The movies goes on, when finally Jean Valjean have opportunity to kill Javert. But amazingly, he doesn’t kill him. He was experiencing grace in his life, now he gave grace towards other.

It is definitely a great movie to watch, highly recommended (the value being given by the movie). Anyway, the reason why I write about grace is this. Most of people being excited about welcoming the new year. Making new plan, new decision which is life changing opportunity, or going on vacation to discover beautiful view. When some might be in time of depression and fear about facing the new year. Because the future of the world is so unpredictable, many aspects getting worse rather than getting better, and it happens everyday. Some made bad decisions at the previous year, and end up regretting the past and hold their feet to move on. That’s why, all of us need grace. The grace that enables us to move on – not carrying the old memories, decisions, bad relationships- on the shoulder, but left it behind. I mean it, like starting fresh, brand new. A new creation, a new composition, and a new design. Aargh, so excited about this. That’s why, I hope this year the grace of God is upon all of you dear readers. Forget your past and embrace the future. The grace will empower you to start things brand new.

May you enjoy this year, your year, our year.


One of my resolution for this year is once a month, which is the same as last year. The realization isn’t like I expected, it’s kinda like 3-4 times a year..hha. Thus, I make a dispensation for myself, which is I’m going to treat one first person who find and remind me that I post nothing to this blog for the precious month.

So, challenge to beat next month is either I post one article or I’m gonna treat one thorough people at T-Grill, Epicentrum.



Put a Smile on Your Face

When you first enter this world
You cry, out loud
Making a declaration of your existence

Marking the starting line of your journey

as a pilgrim in this temporary camp
With your little shoulder, 
you carry a big log upon it
Try to embrace everybody
Fight and struggle against the universe
Just to be somebody
Time goes by
Nobody hears your voice
Seems that your plans, all fails
People laugh at you
Poke fun and making joke about you
“It’s enough!” you said
Your dreams are about to fade away
The unspoken hope is etched in your face
Leave a thrill of sad life story
No more tears my friend
Just look back of what you’ve done
What you imprint to the heart of people around
For like a seed, it will blossom
With a smile,
Angelia S.W.

Letter of Love

Dear my daughter,

I know the desire of your heart. I care for every concern you had in your life. Even from small things that you think is not too important for Me.

The truth is I love you and I care for you, even in the area where you think I don’t care, but I do.

Don’t easily give your heart away to a man. Seek of Me first! You know that I want you. I want you wholly, not partially. Prepare yourself to be my bride, see yourself the way I see yourself.

When your heart is confuse, don’t try to seek another love to fill your heart. I AM more than enough to you. Just be patience, and in the end, you gonna see the beautiful plan I had for you.

Never give up to yourself. For I am your Father I prepare you to be a beautiful bride for me. I prepare a man that worthy to receive you. For a wise and wonderful wive is a gift from God. I prepare you to be a best gift that I coud gift to your future spouse. Do your home work, for every bride will prepare the best for the groom.

Your Father,

Daddy JC